Key To Stress Free Living

Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Psychological stress is associated with many diseases . If you feel that you do not have any major stress in your life then just check for diseases which have already struck your body. Mostly diseases appear on your body because of ‘chronic stress’ which you have been ignoring since long.

Attend the Life Transforming Workshop -KEY TO STRESS FREE LIVING  to find ways to reduce stress as well as suffering . You can share this with others ….It may change someone’s life .

Duration: 4 hrs

Contents :

    • Understanding stress
    • Root cause for stress build up
    • Spirituality redefined
    • Analysing Brain waves
    • Basic psychological  techniques for managing stress
    • Few practical  activities
    • Mind & Energy field
    • Basic laws of science
    • Basic Spiritual techniques for managing stress
    • Quickest possible solution


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