Videos of participants sharing their feedback and experiences.

Thanks a lot for inviting us for this wonderful workshop
It was wonderful to be a part of enthusiastic and inquisitive group . Entire program was an eye opener.
Wishing this gets followed and becomes like rituals.
Thanks to Mr Dharmesh and Mrs Sonali

– Dr. Dhanshree Chonkar (Dr. Chonkar’s Heart & Brain Clinic)

Attended first time 2 years back….there has been no looking back since then…. attended Every session since then….. Found a newer me with each session… Experiencing Miraculous changes …no words of thanks are enough for Dharmesh Shah & Sonali Shah who changed our lives through this selfless act of humanity…. totally ‘ non  commercial’  workshops conducted only for the good of mankind …no monetary gain …Hats off …..

Dr.  Rupal  Pasad -Head  2 Toe  -Age reversal  Cosmetic Studio

“Stress free living, the workshop conducted by Mr. Dharmesh Shah was simply an amazing experience for all of us. As we all are aware, we live in a world overrun by stress. Stress has become such an integral part of our lives, that we have started living with it’s fatal side-effects too.

Mr. Dharmesh Shah takes 3 hours workshop; where in simple words, he explains stress, reasons and more importantly simple techniques to combat the same. Those are so simple and yet so effective that all of us can implement in our daily routine and be benefitted from it. Mr. Dharmesh Shah explains it all really beautifully.

Icing on the cake is that, all this comes absolutely free of cost, and without any expectations. Perhaps that’s why it is more genuine. We are looking forward to further sessions with him.”

Mr Harshad Purani  – CFO , Jupiter Hospital , Thane  ;    Dr.Shilpa Tatake – Corporate GM – Operations , Jupiter Hospital ,Thane

I had apprehension that the lecture will be boring, technical or confined to moral and religious philosophy. But to greatest and pleasant surprise, it was overwhelmingly interesting, very lucid and in layman’s language. It gave  lot of clarity, invoked internal thought process and opened my eyes on psychological aspects of mind.
Superb speaker, very simple but very effective and to the point, should think of arranging Dharmesh bhai ‘s advanced lectures on subject.
Congratulations to team Jain Professional Forum  and Chetanbhai.
CA Rajeev Doshi (Rajkot )


The Retreat conducted by you, is a perfect solution for the specific needs of the corporates & professionals, indeed sir, I am greatful to you sir for such divine guidance.The world for me, was stopped in that hall of Jyoti CNC, no thoughts, no worries, no tensions, for all these three days. You had absolutely mesmerised us all, through your divine knowledge & experiences… Many a times during these three days, I got divine experiences on all three days & also the meditation on both the days & self hypnosis by Sonali aunty were just amazing. First of all, I came to know about many of the spiritual concepts in depth, which really awakened my awareness. The spiritual laws described by you were just amazing. This Retreat, is just fabulous, amazing, answering all the questions of all the participants, capable of satisfying all the psychological, spiritual, intellectual needs of the participants .

All the hours, spent at the Hall of Jyoti CNC, was just amazing, totally in Thoughtless Situation. Happy to join the chain of SELFLESS ACT by making all in our contacts to reach Mr.Dharmesh Shah in “LIVE A MIRACULOUS LIFE”.

– C A  Rishit  R  Vyas 

Dear Dharmeshbhai and Bhabhi  ! It gives me immense pleasure to share my Devine experience of your *Live a miraculous life* workshop which is spread across five years since our first introduction. Your deep research, worldly insightful knowledge and out of world experimentations on living positive life in this jungle of negative vibes really works wonders! Every claim of yours is aptly supported by some research based news article and as a legal professional – I like this logical part very much. My Best wishes to you both husband and wife for your selfless mission to make this world a better place for our future generations. Looking forward to another miraculous workshop in Rajkot

– C A Kothari, Advocate and President:Rajkot Management Association

The seminar was awesome and revolutionary ..it opened up new Vista’s of knowledge about self realisation and spirituality! It was indeed very helpful !!

 – C A  Yash  Shah

Thank You so much Dharmesh bhai ! Indeed I am spellbound by your selfless efforts to share the key to happiness . I would definitely recommend my friends and others to attend  your wellness  workshops

– C A  Kishor  Faria 

Why I love to listen Shri Dharmesh bhai repeatedly. I’ve attended Shri Dharmesh bhai’s  seminars & Retreat level 1 & 2. But when I attended his seminar on “key to stress free living ” on 16th October 2016 , I again learnt lots of new things.   As compared to earlier presentation , this time slides were more colourful.  I was knowing the content , but this time I could concentrate certain areas which I have  missed or less understood earlier. I actually able to co-relate the basics, keeping in mind the knowledge that was shared in Retreat 1 & 2.   I can see the simplicity of Shri Dharmesh bhai sharing such a deep knowledge in Retreat level 1 & 2 and the same person sharing very basics in seminars with such a great skill ,great  interests & loads of determination. *I sincerely request all the  participants of Retreat 1 & 2 , that they should repeatedly keep on attending seminars for better understanding of Universal laws & clearing fundamentals , there by making one’s journey towards enlightenment more comfortable. * Shri Dharmesh bhai makes all complicated things very simple and understandable with lots of examples. We can actually co-relate ourselves in his examples. He is so Simple and clear in his concepts that there is no disparity in his lifestyle & his teachings . Whenever I’ve listened him , always found new learning  & magically this happens every time. He is perfectly playing the role of Friend , Philosopher & guide in our lives. He is always delivering his knowledge selflessly & with the same huge positive vibes that are efficient enough to change our lives. Hats off to Shri Dharmesh bhai.  Waiting to attend ur next Seminars & Retreats.

– Dr. Mehul Chheda – General  Physician  (Homeopathy )

 I am overwhelmed with emotions as I express my gratitude to Dharmesh sir and Sonali Ma’am for taking us through this wonderful 3 day retreat. Words falling short to express how overjoyed I am to be the fortunate one to have attended these sessions. Three things which I really appreciate about the retreat – Firstly, the concept of Karma was explained so beautifully. Having read, Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera, Stephen Covey, I can staunchly say that relating Karma law to wish fulfillment was nothing but a Herculean task achieved. Secondly, whatever you explained had a reasoning accompanied. That appealed to our intuitive logic and it was so easy to digest concepts. Thirdly, the simple and lucid language used made the seminar so much comprehensible. I am so much indebted to you for the plethora of knowledge imparted. Heartiest gratitude. Lastly, I would like to thank Bharat uncle for connecting us to the miraculous group.

– CA Mosam Deepak Thakker 

This was my repeat retreat after Rajkot.. i was stuck somewhere during my first retreat due to my old belief system. And hence could not follow the principles properly. But this time i got answers of my pending queries and as i accepted it whole heartedly, i got to see the other half which was not seen earlier. Now i am really ready to change my karmic blue print. I think i got the master key of universal laws. Very eager to implement it and with pure intention to uplift my spiritual growth, i feel welcomed to this Miraculous group. Thank you Dharmesh bhai and Sonali didi for merging us in your family.. i really feel like we are family now. This closeness with spiritual guru was very much needed. Thank you again from bottom of my heart…

Vivek Harsora -MBA – International  Marketing  ; Consultant Export -Import

Excellent seminar. Generally such discourses get boring but today it was very interactive and simple. Hats off to the man who spends so much of his time, energy and money for uplifting others. We should try to arrange his advanced workshops for our group.

Parag Udani -Architect  -Rajkot

The seminar on stress management by Dharmesh Shah was indeed an eye opener.. Particularly,he explained various practical ways of relieving stress in a very lucid manner..Also,the concept of Joy of giving explained by him really touched my heart..I think today’s seminar will have a great positive impact on the rest of my life.. Thanks a million,Dharmeshbhai…

-C A  Deepak Doshi 

The seminar was very informative and enlightening. It was very well presented and made simpler to understand.The solutions are very practical and possible to practice. The techniques of meditation were effective and easy. Great learning experience and it will definately help us to eliminate stress from our life and enhance positivity. Thanks to entire team. My special thanks to Mausam for arranging such a nice program which was a practical example of giving.

Suresh Makwana, Assistant General manager in BEST

Indeed it was a wonderful seminar to get rid of our worries /tension/stress which we all are suffering/facing now a days due to fast life, pollution or may be any other reasons even not known to us. Most enlightening fact I observed was that it was purely based on scientific technique and logical explanations so that we could able to understand/grasp this very easily. We are  very sure that no sooner we start implementing the solutions/remedies as explained by Shri Dharmeshbhai in his seminar we will be able to live stress-free life in this mighty world in a much better way. We, myself and my wife Dr.Sonali express our sincere gratitude to Shri Dharmeshbhai and his wife Sonali for giving opportunity to attend this lively and knowledgeable program and of course our sincere thanks to you, Mausam and the complete team which organised such systematic event and inviting us for the same.

– Nilesh  Bavishi /Dr Sonali  Bavishi  

The retreat covered 3 basic workshops viz. Key to Stress free living, Key to Wish fulfilment and  Key  to Emotional freedom .Every word spoken by Sri Dharmesh Shah, as every moment spend while he is around, is a real joy of life. He is so meticulously, scientifically, precisely, firmly describing the Theories and Laws of Universe and Karma, that none would come out of retreat un-satisfied. He is combining the practical day to day human life with Spirituality so nicely that even Spiritual Gurus, or a common civilian like me would seat as the same audience… none the less….both class would thoroughly enjoy and carry light of Sri Dharmesh Shah sharing with them. This signifies that only TRUTH is being shared.Sri Dharmesh Shah knows exactly from where the correction in human life is possible.”The present” Thus small small steps suggested there, is sure to bring results, if applied in the suggested manner.I got so impressed that i compelled my spouse Anju and Daughter Himja to attended Mahableshwar Retreat.

Maulesh Mankad, Sr. Asst. – The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

It was an amazing experience, workshop followed by Retreat has opened the doors for Spiritual Freedom. Knowing and practicing this simple techniques helps me to observe and modify my thoughts, resulting in becoming more creative and happy.  My inner journey started. Using my freewill, joy of Giving has been increased, helped me to fulfill my wish for love and  contribution in others life.

Jayesh Khona  ;  M.D – Grow  Rich  Fin Tech LLP  

Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. It motivated me to stay positive and spread positivity, your teaching is simple to understand and easy to follow. I shared this life changing experience with my wife and also my friends like me even they were delighted, I am highly motivated by your seminar and now I am full of positive energy. I will refer other friends for seminar and will be very happy to attend next level.

 Ashok Holmukhe ; Development Officer -LIC of India 

 Dharmesh sir I missed the session at padmavati hall.
But honestly I totally agree for a fact that we need to keep attending sessions as that installs the facts time and again and it does then give more and more clarity.For me personally the sessions have created miracles and I sincerely thank you and Bharatbhai Bhanushali  for this. There has been a remarkable change between the first Mahabaleshwar and second retreat. I have learnt a few things or rather realised a few things which have worked . I see a remarkable change in me now when I face any adverse  situation…. I have started being more patient. As the theory of vibrations has made a deep impact.Also most importantly i have realised that Free will is something which was highly unutilised. I have realised the power of the same. And have decided to try and do it more often.My thoughts  maybe random as I pen them down…. But I have tried to Sum it up together. Thanks a lot.!

 Abhishek sheth ;Wealth Manager ,Edelweiss Global Wealth Management 

 I thank you, for the enlightening seminar, conducted  by you and bhabhiji yesterday.  Also thanks to the 4 hosts including Minal ben Ajmera for making it happen. It was a life changing experience,for both me and my wife Bharati. I realised, that there were so many aspects of life, which needs to be looked into, to enable a positive change to happen, within you and around others, who are near you. Your  teachings are absolutely objective, logical, measurable. In short – understandable and follow able. There were so many simple “Take Aways” or learnings.We are ,very much interested, in following you wherever / whenever possible.  I had noted around 9 pages of your sermon yesterday , in a book. And today morning, I had the opportunity, to share a little bit of the same, with my father aged 85 , mother aged 82 and daughter-in-law. I talked to them for an hour , on what I had understood , in yesterday’s lecture and believe me there were tears in the eyes of both my aged parents. They were so happy and overwhelmed.Also, we would be definitely interested to join in the forthcoming Rajkot session in April.Lastly I would also like to thank Chetan bhai Nanavati for introducing us to you.

Bharat  Sampat &  Bharti  Sampat  – Mumbai

 I have attended a seminar and two retreats arranged by Dharmeshbhai and words can’t describe the dedication and passion he brings. He has described some of the deepest spiritual concepts in easiest way possible and offered easy to use techniques to improve one’s life situation and grow spiritually.  Attending these retreats resulted in me looking inward and helped explain some of the key thought patterns that have been present in my life so far. One of the learning has been that thought patterns developed between age 0-20 are difficult to change unless one uses free will. An overwhelming experience I had after retreat II was that being happy is our natural state and all the problems/ difficulty arise from our duality! Concepts explained in the retreat open up a life time of learning, peace and happiness and help one grow spiritually. Thanks for your kindness and willingness to help – Dharmeshbhai and Sonalibhabhi. May we continue our spiritual journey under you guiding light!

Viresh Vashi (B.E ,MBA ) – Manager, ICICI Bank.

Dharmeshbhai, its been great being part of your workshops…as an academician I understand the amount of effort needed to speak continually. It is said that 1 hr of lecture delivery is equivalent to 5 hrs of physical work. However you have taken many sessions continually for more than 4 hrs also. This reflects your love towards giving and helping others. The topics that you have covered till now are very helpful for improving our daily life and make it peaceful. Look forward to attending many more retreats and workshops. Thanks!!! Also thanks to Sonaliben for her support.

Dr.Jigisha Vashi, Assistant Professor, SVKM NMIMS MPSTME Mumbai. (Ph.D, M.Tech, B.E.Civil )

lIt was an awesome session , especially for me as i attended with my husband.  We have seen movies, plays  together ,but never attended a spiritual session together .Afer these sessions we can discuss what common mistakes we are making at home .
Together we can analyse our follies and try and correct them on basis of sir’s guidelines . One major problem of married life is blame game for anything gone minutely wrong because ‘you said so or did so’ ; after these sessions together one thing i have realised that everything happens in sync not because of one person in a married life.And it takes great courage for me to admit that i am guilty of  overthinking , “why did she /he say so ” ; “why did this happen” .  This leads to a lot of stress and addition and  accumulation of lot negative Karma not only in my account but i stress him also out .
Hoping to change this habit of my mine after attending session together.
And a special thanks to Dharmesh Sir and Sonali madam for including Vasanji Bhai and Tara Ben , owner of Gala group of companies who are one of the pioneers of the KVO community in the last part of the session. They enjoyed a lot and Naina Gala has asked me to forward details of further Miraculous workshop.
Aparna Tushar Dedhia ; freelance creative and content writing
2 workshops and 1 retreat for me, 3 days in a totally charged atmosphere in the secluded environment of natural beauty of Yeoor Forest.The small playlets initiated by old participants touching everybody’s heart, the outdoor activities on the last day in the garden are all very impressive.Dharmeshbhai doing a very good job involving many souls to reach their goals in life and live a miraculous life is really appreciable.Very clear that the Guru Energies are working through him taking the course to further levels.Thanks Dharmeshbhai  for all your selfless activities.You are doing a wonderful job to the society bringing lot of awareness among people.God bless you.
Narasimha  Rao Vissapragada –  Retired  Sr. Power Engineer 
 I have attended shri Dharmesh bhai’s workshop, retreat 1& 2,after attending my whole thought process has change,have started thing more positively and also been more patient to face the situation and to find the better solution. I Have started following few techniques which i learnt in workshop and retreat which I didn’t use it before. I would like to take an  opportunity to thank Mr Dharmeshbhai for the amount of effort he has put in to change our life and most important to change our thoughts

Ritesh Chothani – Chartered Accountant 

Thank you very much for your Sunday 12th July 2015 interactive workshop for the TAIT members on ‘Key To Stress Free Living’. The members are cherishing the learning from the workshop, wish they will adopt the same in their life.  On the behalf of the TAIT board and all the members kindly accept our gratitude.  We would be interested to have further workshop in near future.

K. R. Chaube |President -TAIT ( Trade Association of Information Technology)

Many times we are faced questions like: why is this happening to me, how do I get a grip on my life, have achieved everything but still not happy, not achieved anything and want to achieve it with clean karma, living a stress ful life with misery.. If you seek to get answers to these questions or more like them, then Dharmesh Bhai’s work shop are must for you . Excellent blend of spirituality & science making it very relevant and doable in current fast paced life.. Life changing is in your hand so go ahead and do it !

Rachit Bakshi , CEO – Style Panache

I found this workshop very interesting. Dharmesh and Sonali have taken care of all aspects of stress and they teach very simple and innovative ways of dealing with them.
They explain scientific base of stress and healing which clicked with my logical thinking. This is an amazing workshop.  The solutions are very simple and when one starts to use them in daily life – one feels centred and peaceful – which I feel is the first step towards spirituality.

Dr Hema Shah ; M.D., D.G.O. 

I ve attended the retreat just once. There were a couple of facts that were already known n were followed without any meaning or realisation. Many solutions are given which r simple n easy to follow . Moreover these solutions n facts r explained in a scientific way, so very logical n acceptable .

Dr Vidhi Lilani- BSc(PT)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and techniques on how one should overcome the stress. Your inputs will surely help each and every individual not only in their personal life but also at the professional workplace. Your “Joy of Giving” has really influenced us and we hope to continue giving it and passing it on to others. Once again on behalf of the entire Goma Core Team we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you good luck for the year 2015.

 – Chetan Gosrani, Jt. Managing Director, Goma Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Indeed it was a great pleasure to attend your workshop on the said subject at Ahmedabad.Content, presentation, audio-visuals and energy to deliver – all were quite appreciable. On top, they came from someone who has been experiencing it for so many years with a solid “first hand” experience.I did receive all the points very well and will help me, and hopefully try all in their day to day life..

-Dr Anish Chandarana
MD, DM ( Cardiology ) ,Executive Director ,CIMS ,Science City Road, Ahmedabad

For me retreat was a wonderful experience . Had attended two other retreats in past and also 1 St level of art of living but the logical reasoning for every technique explained by Dharmesh Bhai is unique which usually  is not discussed in any such courses. I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. Have started telling my patients parents about prayer of panchmahabhuta and affirmation for improvement of their kids and diya and salt water experiment.

Thank you so much Dharmesh Bhai and Sonali and also Dhwanil

Dr. Maya Nanavati ; Senior Occupational  Therapist  – Physio Occupational Speech Academy of Therapist Foundation (POSAT Foundation)

We express our deepest gratitude to Mr .Dharmesh shah .  Our lives have changed very much positively in last 12-15 months,we have benefited immensely, we have attended or have actively participated in organising “stress free living ‘ seminars ,and all the 3 retreats” live a miraculous life”. Now lesser  negative  and lesser intense thoughts come to our mind . Sleeping pattern problems are resolved and we ,have become positive .Most of the people whom we have channelised towards this seminars  are thanking us and  Dharmeshbhai repeatedly . Thanks a lot dharmeshbhai for this selfless act . Sonalibhabhi is the  backbone of these seminars .Keep on spreading more and  more positivity &  love. May divine empower more and  more to both of you -dear dharmeshji n sonaliji towards this  selfless act

Bharat Bhanushali  – Stock  Consultant  &  Stock Market Investor  ; Dipti  Bhanushali – House wife  

We all had a wonderful treat for three days. Actually this was first time I attended, but your way of explaining , such a vast n deep subject , in a very clear n simplest way , really touched me. You have done a great job for the betterment of mankind. Even for the first time I attended, but  still I could understand what you were trying to explain, and I could interact, and to some extend could absorb, the speech n the explanations. Some of the fact even we are aware,  of but its difficult to implement. U have come with perfect solutions, what knowledge I had was  incomplete. Now I feel contented with the knowledge n wisdom. Thanks for your great blessings in the journey of my life. Always yours grateful.
Jyotika Rambhia – Singer  & Music  teacher  

I am happy that my team has a simple but effective solution to lead a stress free life

– Rajesh Saboo ; Head-IT support services ,Future Group

It was an integration and blending of all different aspects particularly, medical science and spirituality ,to name some -enlightening facts about stress, state of thoughtlessness , relation between EEG and spirituality & energy based solutions for stress release. Sessions were interactive. Quizzes along with chocolates were energetic. Participants learned various methods of relaxation which are feasible and practicalto attain more positivity in day to day life

-Profesor Dr. M.M. Prabhakar, Medical Superintendent , Civil Hospital , Ahmedabad

Today in the twenty first century when human beings are racing ahead with the help of science and technology . We humans have sensed that the disease of stress is also following along . In these changing times and changing circumstances when human beings are under pressure from progress and greed for power ,Dharmesh Shah has taught many different techniques especially for Doctors which are really very useful.Doctors who have participated in this program will be able to relieve their own stress and also help their patients . This program was very effective in today’s fast and active life.Many thanks for this free program to Samarpan Medical Group and Shr Dharmesh and Sonali Shah .

-Dr Kanubhai G Mavani , Ex MLA Gujarat State,Ex Vice Chancellor Saurashtra Uni. Rajkot , Ex Principal – Suptd. Ayurved College Hospital Surat

Thank you so very much for the beautiful program conducted by you and your wife at Crompton Greaves Limited.It was totally a new experience as the program was presented in most effective way that actually showed how to eliminate stress.The program started with simple thoughts on stress management however it became very intense and the group has actually benefited.We salute you for your self-less service by conducting almost half day without charging anything.A great faculty with so much in-depth knowledge and a great program.Meditation session was a bonus point.Would definitely recommend to others.

-Pauline Serrao .Deputy Manager,CSR & Employee Welfare.Crompton Greaves Limited.

Hearty congratulations for conducting very successful workshop for our doctors . All doctors benefited by the same . In their feedback ,most of the doctors realized that they were under tremendous stress and they understood well the medical –scientific basis for the methods used to relieve stress . Most of the doctors desired to have advanced training on ‘stress free living ‘in future.

-Dr. Gautam Mane – Hon secretary – Indian Medical Association -Vasai branch

Firstly, let me express my gratitude by thanking you and your wife for delivering such a remarkable, astonishing, energetic, enthusiastic and lastly unforgettable session of “Key To Stress Free Living”. Yes it is truly said and proved by a famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton that “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”. Sir this also applies for your session where the action of yours on inducing the spiritual power through your energetic presentation over Stress free living will not go waste at all, this has helped me and I hope everyone to understand the origination of Stress and how to depart stress from our body. The Power and knowledge what is shared by you to live a spiritual life without stress and make the life a gift and not a punishment will be applied and practiced.
Sir, I would also like to thanks Mr. Kishorji who got this idea of organizing this. Without his unbeaten wish and will this could have not been possible at all.

-Ruchir Mahale ,Jet Airways (India) Ltd

On behalf of Sourcing HR team , would like to thank and commend you for a very well-executed “Key to Stress free living workshop” at Mahindra & Mahindra Kandivli Plant .This workshop has helped us build the techniques and skills that one needs to harness the pressure. It also helped in recognizing and accepting things as they are and concentrate on everything that you do have control over. Building emotional strength & having a good social network and adopting a positive outlook were the keys points highlighted during the workshop.

Philomena Rodrigues
TPDS HR – Mahindra & Mahindra ,Kandivli plant

We conducted the program for the employees of our organisation. The tips shared to beat stress and stress related issues were simple and easy. The session helped employees become aware and handle each day in a joyous and healthy way.

– Mohita Pathak -HR – Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

Your seminar on how to remain stress free was very useful & informative.it is must for all people to remain stress free. Your basic & regular tips make person more & more positive & happy. I would like to attend regularly.

– Dr.Tarla Jain. General Practioner -Malad, Mumbai

On Behalf of Rajkot Management Association Team Members let me thank you and your wife on devoting your valuable time, money and efforts for the Great services to mankind in society. The workshop on “Key to Stress Free Living” at Rajkot Management Association on 1st July 2012, to 104 participants with your “Joy of Giving” took all of us in the world of Thought Reducing life/ Stress free life. This 3 hrs workshop was wonderful and quiet knowledgeable. I would like to go in further depth by continuing my efforts to organize all your modules on “Positive Living & Self Growth”, through Various Associations, and let larger segment of society know & learn more of such Techniques from you.

– Deepak V. Suchde ; Chairman , Rajkot Management Association

Your interactive session on stress management held at Lions Club of Ghatkopar (Lions Community Hall ) on 2nd Nov 14, was very educative. The seminar was very well received by all the members .The audience was spellbound through out the entire session . We at Lions Club of Ghatkopar are looking forward to keep these series of seminars . We thank you immensely for enlightening us on this novel subject .

-Lion Dr. Ashok D Shah ; President Lions Club -Ghatkopar

Thank you so much for helping me to start my journey towards spirituality…Thank you very much for taking all doctors and patients of Chonkars Cardiac Clinic on on path of stress free life.I am practising most of the techniques in my daily life which keeps me stress free.It has enhanced my productivity,creativity and efficiency.I have personally experienced meditation helping my patient to reduce heart diseases and for better cardiac functioning and reduce medicines usage,improved attention,alertness,awarness and relaxation,improved quality of sleep.I would like to describe stress management workshop in 1 word is “technology for well being”

– Dr.Jinal Arvindbhai Mody-B.P.T,M.P.T ( Cardiorespiratory Rehab)-Consultant cardiac rehabinist

I am indeed feeling proud to be associated with you for, spiritual awareness and how to reduce the stress- work shops conducted by you. You have developed a unique way of approach to attain the both. I wish you should continue the efforts and let larger segment of society know and learn more of such techniques from you.

– Mohan Singh Kathayat, Secretary, Indian Institute Of Packaging

Thanks to you for all your guidance, knowledge, time and effort that you devoted in helping to make my life retreat and such a wonderful experience for me. These workshops have helped me so much to recongnize my past behaviour and an outlook to see the life and have changed me to see and service the world around me and how even look after me in better way. I have understood the menaing of “live and let live”. thanks for showing me life to live like in heaven.

– Bijal Dehdia, Sasmira, Faculty, Sasmira Fashion Department

Thank you very much for taking all of us in the world of thought-free life. We are really happy that we have gained something, which will be useful in the day-to-day life.

– Sonali Mote, Dy. Director, Late Bhausaheb Hiray S.S. Trust’s Institute of Computer Application, Bandra(E). Mumbai

Thanks for giving us the awareness of the most valuable part of the life. I think that giving name of “ Stress Management” is not justified, it has much greater purpose in all human life. And you & your wife are doing great service to man kind. You made this complicated subject very simple and understandable to so called studious & engineers.

– Ajay Kumar Nigam, PowerTrain Division, FIAT INDIA AUTOMOBILES LTD.

As you very well know our Business comes with lots of day to day stress in various sections. When I heard of your workshop,we invited you at our office to teach us the Ways to tackle this stress arising from day to day matters. The complexity of reasons of stress were explained by you in the most lucid manner accompanied by examples. The best part was Learning Meditation .It helps us in staying calm in current fast life full of unforeseen events. Basically a much needed workshop for a organization like our’s indulged in time bound stressfull routine activities to attain our Goals and thereby Progress in our activities. Overall I felt that in One day we cannot grasp and actually practice the same.Looking forward to attend Two day workshop accompanied by actual exercises.

– Bharat Gala, President, Ventura Securities Limited

It was very positive and pleasant experience for me and my wife for and after attending your workshops. I will request people to attend it and if married in couple so get maximum benefits out of it. You are doing best by devoting your valued time and money and efforts for people is great.. May god bless you and I wish ,you continue with these workshops always.

– Shailesh shah -Director, MultiTech Pvt Ltd -Mulund

I have attended this workshop , Kindly attend the same with your spouse . It is excellent as well as free .

– Pankaj Shah – President Lion –Mulund

I am really happy to see you gotten totally involved and dedicated to the task of stress management. It is one thing to be in business and at the same time practicing and preaching the pleasure in the art of giving. All the best, dear.

– Raju Shah, Comtek Software Consultants

Thank you for making me and my students experience the new freedom, understanding and depth the journey of our individual life. We have learned the techniques to be better observer and be able to react and achieve our goals comfortably with confidence. Your just one class of interaction has raised our mood of level because now we all work together as a team. This team work is taking my teaching and students learning at differ level of understanding of subject and relationship. We both together are achieving success, happiness and freedom in our walk of life.

– Aparna P. Upadhyay, Sasmira,  fashion department

Me alongwith my wife, freind mr prasant soni llb – llm and mr rajeev redij really found your programme on stress free living , very interesting and effective. We feel it is a must for atleast all mumbaikars & metro cities where time is the constriant.

– Dinesh Mutha, General Manager, Caprihans India Limited

We thank you for having conducted seminar on stress free living in our office. It was liked by all our employees and we could see them relaxed a bit in terms of getting excited and also performing without taking much stress. .we shall see you in near future for more of such interactive and effective seminars at our office.

– Shekhar Parab, Director, Overses Clearing Corporation Private Limited

It was a life changing experience. I think I have begun the journey towards enlightenment and that too staying with the commitments of family and business which is a miracle and 1 more journey I have begun towards fulfilling my wishes. This has only happened because of your 12 years of research that is beautifully simplified and summarized for a lay man like me. I owe you for this wonderful experience. Thank you very much.

– Abhay  Karani -Director -Derivative Institute of Technical Training

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