Workshops For Positive Living & Self Growth

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Dharmesh Shah conducts various workshops in which participant can understand ‘spirituality’ in its simplest form and eventually experience its enormous power by applying spiritual practices in different areas of their lives. Knowledge gained from these workshops may transform one’s life to create a better world around oneself.

Objectives Of These Workshops

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  • Spread the basic concept of spirituality to as many people as possible so that their lives get filled with love, trust, peace, harmony ,compassion and joy;
  • Encourage self-transformation through learning , communicating and giving
    – Promote the idea of a spiritually fulfilling life to create a better world.
    – Empower to Express , share & practice spiritual principles in daily life.
    – Situations faced at home, office & other places.

Main features of these workshops

  1. They offer useful practical tips for daily life
  2. They are not based on teachings of any religion or religious books
  3. They attempt to remove many prevailing misconceptions about spiritually
  4. They are very interactive in nature, giving complete freedom to participants to get their doubts cleared at any given instance
  5. They contain very few Spiritual terms; it is based on simple language which can be understood easily by all It educates participants on spiritual solutions which can contribute significantly in improving their mental & emotional states.

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